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Tamping Express.
Continuous action 3-sleeper tamping brings a further rise in performance

Continuous action tamping technology has been applied successfully on machines of the 09 series since the early eighties. In the meantime over 600 machines of this type are in operation worldwide. The 09-3x Tamping Express is the result of long years of experience in operation and the development of continuous-action tamping technology which enables a further rise in output and quality.

For the maintenance of lines with a high volume of traffic this achieves a new definition of maintenance speed.

The 09-3x is based on the working principle of the 09 CSM series, i.e. the sub-frame is separate from the main frame. The main frame of the machine travels forward continuously, work on the track is performed in static condition, therefore achieving a very high quality. The forward motion of the tamping units is performed with maximum acceleration.

The new features of the 09-3x tamping express are the two 3-sleeper track tamping units which enable for the first time three sleepers to be tamped in one operation.

Furthermore, each tamping unit consists of two separate parts to be able to work on tracks with irregular sleeper spacing, if required. One half of the unit is lowered per rail and the machine works like a single-sleeper tamping machine.


The main machine is designed as a bogie vehicle with six axles.

For transfer, hydrodynamic drive via power-shift transmission and distributor gear on both axles of the font bogie, for working action both axles of the front bogie and both axles of the sub-frame bogie are powered hydraulically.

When designed with material wagon, the axle of the material wagon is powered hydraulically in work mode.

Main Machine

The two working and driving cabins and the complete operating system are located on the main machine.

The main frame also serves as a front support for the sub-frame.


The sub-frame carries the work units consisting of lifting, lining and tamping units as well as the measuring trolley for the leveling and lining unit. During working operation both axles of the sub-frame are powered hydraulically. On request, hydraulically powered sleeper-end consolidators can be mounted next to the tamping units or on the sub-frame bogie.

Tamping units

The two 3-sleeper tamping units each have two vibration shafts and are suspended in vertical columns. The penetration resistance of the ballast is kept low due to the interlaced positioning of the inner pairs of tines.

When tamping only one sleeper, one half of the tamping unit per rail is lowered and the tines are squeezed.

When working in track curves, the tamping units are centered automatically over the rails.

Proven work quality thanks to Plasser & Theurer tamping dynamics

  • Optimized squeeze time
  • Ideal frequency of 35 Hz
  • Directional, linear vibration

Combined lifting and lining unit

The combined roller lifting and lining unit is pivoted to the sub-frame and has a total of four roller lifting clamps and four lining rollers. Lifting and lining is performed in one operation in static mode.

The distribution of lifting forces and the exact centering of the units over the rails prevents any occurrence of tilting moments and any excessive wear of the rail fastenings.


Both cabins provide excellent working comfort thanks to sound and vibration-proofing. The driver’s control desks are newly designed and correspond to the latest ergonomic requirements. Panorama windows offer an extended range of vision of the operator. Access to the cabins is made via steps at the side and safety platforms.

Operating controls for the leveling and lining unit and the ALC automatic guiding computer are housed in the front cabin.

The spacious cabin at the rear end of the machine contains a further driver’s desk and the control desk for working operation.

Measuring systems

The machine is equipped with the Plasser & Theurer proportional parallel leveling system and the single chord 3-point lining-measuring system. The systems are operated from the front cabin.

Newly designed measuring wheals allow highest measuring precision.

In combination with a single axle material wagon, a recording with disk drive can be installed which is able to record up to eight parameters also in digital form.

The measuring graphs produced by this unit can be used for inspection purposes for the sections of track corrected by the machines.

Additionally, the machine can be equipped with laser direction-finding equipment for longitudinal level and alignment.

Advantages of the 09-3X
  • Increase in output of 30-40% compared to continuous action two sleeper tamping machines.
  • Highest quality of tamping due to Plasser & Theurer tamping technology.
  • Uniform quality of work due to 3-sleeper tamping.
  • Flexible range of application thanks to single or three sleeper tamping
  • Excellent working comfort thanks to continuous working action
  • High reserves of output thanks to state-of-the-art drive technology.
  • Ideal application for mechanized track maintenance.
  • Cost-efficient utilization of extremely short track possessions.
  • Better availability of the track.
Range of applications for 09-3X
  • For track maintenance work and tamping newly laid track.
  • As a continuous action three sleeper tamping machine.
  • As a continuous action one sleeper tamping machine.
  • If required, cyclic tamping is also possible.
Technical Data
Length over buffers
  Without material wagon
  With material wagon
23 040 mm
29 690 mm
Width 2 900 mm
Height over top of rail 4 030 mm
Spacing between bogie pivots 15 800 mm
Axle wheelbase of the bogies
  Bogie front and rear
  Bogie of sub-frame
1 800 mm
1 500 mm
Diameter of wheels
  Bogie front and rear, Material wagon axle
  Bogie of sub-frame
920 mm
730 mm
Machine mass
  Without material wagon
  With material wagon
83 t
96 t
Engine output
  During work
  During transfer travel
440 kW (598 HP)
370 kW (503 HP)
Travelling Speeds during transfer
  Under own power/towed
100 km/h