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Company Profile
The company today

Today, Plasser India manufactures the most up-to-date high performance machines for track maintenance, which are highly sophisticated products.

The machines for Indian Railways are tailor-made designs with special emphasis on applying the technology most appropriate for the local conditions.

Production in India ensures a high indigenous content, using a large number of Indian suppliers. Machines and components are not only manufactured for Indian railways but are also exported. Ircon, for example, is an important customer using complete machine sets for their overseas projects. Machines built by Plasser India have also been supplied to the Chinese Railways.

At the present time there are more than 170 highly qualified staff employed in the Faridabad factory who are specially trained in the manufacture of these machines ; but in fact a much greater number of workers are involved due to the extensive use of Indian suppliers as mentioned before.

Following Plasser’s general policy, special emphasis is given to efficient after-sales service, spare parts supply and prompt availability of technical expertise as and when required.

Furthermore, there is continuous training of specialized and qualified workers who are employed in the field not only in India but also in other parts of the world where their knowledge and skills are being made use of.

With the establishment of Plasser India Pvt. Ltd., a small but specialized, and for India completely new, branch of industry has been created.

Through this firm, the know-how and experience of Plasser & Theurer, the largest manufacturer of track machines in the world, has been made available to the Indian Railways.

The history

Year 1965
Delivery of the first Plasser & Theurer Track Maintenance machine to Indian Railways ; a permanent service depot was established in India.

Year 1967
Start of production of Track Maintenance Machines in the Indian works in Faridabad. Even for the first order for twelve leveling, tamping and lining machines the amount of locally manufactured components came to 53%.

Year 1968
In February first Track Maintenance Machine manufactured in India was handed over to Indian Railways. During the following years the machines were adapted and built to the special requirements of Indian Railways.

Year 2003
Major expansion of Faridabad factory enhancing its capacity substantially.

Year 2008
By the end of that year more than 550 track maintenance machines had been supplied to Indian railways, only 11 of which came from Plasser & Theurer, the major part being manufactured in India. The share of Indian production had ridden to as much as 100 % in some cases.